How can I find a school or course information?

Whether you’re looking for a specific school, or you want to explore your options, you can refine your search on the homepage by looking under the ‘I’m looking for a school’ section.

If you know which school you want to look at, you can search schools by their name, but if you want to have a look around and find the best option for you, you can search by category, type of qualification offered, and/or area.

Once you have done this, you will be presented with a list of schools that fit the criteria you have selected. If you see a school you like the look of, simply click on it to find out more information about the school, including auditions they’re hosting, courses they offer, events and open days and information about the Principal of the school.

To find out more information about an audition, you can click on the link and view the details, as well as being able to apply.

How can I find a school or course?