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A performing arts school where academic performance also shines
If you want to follow your dream of a career in the performing arts, you'll know the importance of starting young, learning the skills, and treating it as a true profession. But you also Read More need a full and rounded education, in an atmosphere of exceptional academic performance.

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts provides a unique opportunity to follow your dream, and achieve an outstanding education. Here, talented young people are able to specialise in Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre or Commercial Music, whilst gaining excellent academic qualifications. Read Less

Course & Program

Qualification Level: Sixth Form

The Acting Course that acts as a complete education
Our Sixth Form Acting Course provides a unique opportunity to develop skills and techniques in a dynamic, exciting and professional environment.

Whether a pupil hopes to be an actor or wants to develop a career in the wider Performing Arts, the Acting Course provides the personal, technical and artistic training to help them achieve their goal.

The course is wide-ranging and realistic, providing the best possible chance of success in a market that is notorious for being unpredictable.

On the Acting Course, each student is nurtured and individually guided in their progress. This allows them to grow and develop confidence and maturity. The Drama Course encourages them to think – to have an opinion and to push their own boundaries wherever possible.

Giving pupils a chance to act on their dreams
The Acting Course is designed to allow pupils who want to be actors and pursue a career in the theatre, to fully explore and assess their potential. It allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the Performing Arts, and a commitment to the world of the theatre and acting. The Acting Course also encourages innovation, instills self-confidence and prepares students for life after school.

Course Duration: Two Years

Qualification Level: Sixth Form

An intensive two-year course focused on singing, dance and acting
Tring Park's Musical Theatre Course provides Sixth Form students looking to forge a career in the performing arts with a strong understanding and knowledge of technique in the three essential specialist skills.

The course is both contemporary and realistic, giving students the best possible chance of success as a professional musical theatre performer.

Regular collaboration with leading industry practitioners inspires students and encourages fresh thinking, as well as providing links with the industry both during and beyond their training.

There's nothing like on-stage experience
Students from our Musical Theatre Course regularly take part in a programme of performances, workshops and master classes designed to build skills in every aspect of the profession.

Students on the course perform in Tring Park's Markova Theatre, as well as a variety of venues across London and the UK.

Course Duration: Two Years

Qualification Level: Diploma Level 6

he Sixth Form Dance Course is a three year programme of study, leading to the Trinity Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance. The course culminates in a year of pre-professional experience, delivered through the school's own touring company Encore Dance Company.
The Course
In the first year of training, students study classical ballet along with two other core subjects of Contemporary dance and Jazz dance. Other subjects studied include pointe work, repertoire, solos, pas de deux, Pilates, conditioning including weights and commercial dance.

In the second year students continue to study all aspects of dance with additional classes in contact improvisation.

In the third and final year of training the course becomes Encore Dance Company. The students' focus is on the annual UK tour alongside their daily training and they work with industry choreographers who help to mould the content of the tour. Students will learn new skills and adapt to working as a company. Additional classes of jazz double work and contact improvisation is also be added to their timetable. Students also work on the completion of their Level 6 Trinity Diploma.

There are a number of performing opportunities structured into the Sixth Form Dance Course. The annual Senior Dance Show is held in the summer term at the school's, on site Markova Theatre. Additionally, there are many in-house performance opportunities along with chances to both dance and present work in the student choreography show.

The assessment system is very important for the Dance Course. It is a formal assessment procedure in Classical Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance with published criteria. External assessors from Trinity regularly attend assessments to observe the process, to ensure that standards are maintained and that the assessors are moderating in line with Trinity’s benchmarking levels across the UK. Teachers give personal one-to-one feedback to each pupil following the assessment to comment on progress and set realistic goals.

The Industry
We are constantly developing and maintaining our contacts with professional dance companies and we also work to help graduates find suitable employment within the dance sector.

Course Duration: Three Years

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