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What makes The MTA different is our ability to prepare you to be at a truly industry-ready professional standard in just 2 years. That’s why The MTA’s fast-track programme is staffed by passionate professionals who have already achieved success and Read More are now focussed on giving you the skills to realise your ambition.

Our thorough approach, including a day-long audition process, which includes written feedback to all applicants, has earned The MTA the reputation of being ‘rigorously professional’. To date 100% of applicants have felt that The MTA audition day has been exceptional value for money.

We were proud to have been named School of the Year 2012 in The Stage 100 Awards…….“within just a few years of opening Lewis Thomas and her team have established themselves as a force in drama training that is not afraid to approach things”

We were honoured in 2017 to be awarded the award for an unprecedented 2nd time . . . . “the judges noting its graduates now regularly feature in top professional productions – alongside a robust pastoral care package” The judges also noted our “growing influence in the training sector”

Of our 9 graduating year groups 100% of our students have left college having secured independent agent representation. All of our 2019 graduates had secured INDEPENDENT agent representation 6 months prior to Showcase/Graduation. Check out the Ambassador pages on our website to see what EVERY graduate is up to.

The MTA is known throughout the industry for its pioneering approach to pastoral care. It is the only HE college in the UK to take a whole school approach to Mental Health. It is a campaigning college for a better understanding of Mental Illness and Wellbeing within our industry. In 2016 The MTA launched the #time4change Mental Health Charter, which currently has over 130 organisations signed up to it (including many FDS colleges)

The MTA is the only UK college to operate ‘a college for life’ policy – ensuring an ‘aftercare’ service unsurpassed by any other college. This includes ongoing pastoral and professional support, and free classes.

We are the only UK college to do public performances EVERY term. Go to our You Tube channel to see us in action. Read Less

Course & Program

Qualification Level: Professional Training Programme

The MTA will only ever take a maximum of 22 students per year, whilst we guarantee a minimum of 40 weeks tuition/year and 40 hours contact time/week, we have yet to achieve the ‘minimum’, so don’t be surprised if a term is extended due to extended production schedules, or if your contact time is considerably more than 40 hrs/week

Every term at The MTA is structured the same way:

3 weeks of technical studies: A daily timetable of 2 or 3 dance classes, 1 acting or voice class, 1 singing class
1 week of specialist study: See below for examples
2 weeks of technical studies: As above
4 weeks of rehearsal: Uniquely ending each term on a Public Performance

NB: Please note all shows will be performed at an established off-West End venue and industry professionals will be invited to all.

The production schedule is as follows:

Term 1
A Play
Featuring your year group

Term 2
Something Old, Something New – The MTA Musical Theatre Revue
You will be supporting the graduating year

Term 3
A Musical
You will be supporting the graduating year

Term 4
An Original Musical, commissioned by the college
Featuring your year group

Term 5
A Pantomime
Featuring your year group

Term 6
Something Old, Something New – The MTA Musical Theatre Revue
The Revue will be devised around your year group, with your 1st years supporting you

Term 7
A Musical
This will be cast wherever possible, around the graduating year group who are still seeking representation, with the 1st years, and the ‘signed’ 2nd years supporting them

Term 8
Agent Showcases
We are the only college to produce 2 showcases: The Acting Showcase and the Musical Theatre Showcase

Course Duration: Two Years

Course Fee: £ 16000.00 For Year