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Stratford-upon-Avon College is a high-quality, friendly, accessible and employer-responsive College that cares about the individual successes and outcomes of all of our students. Offering a variety of courses in a range of levels, the College has an outstanding Read More reputation as a centre for Drama, Theatre, Popular Music and Dance. The College offers excellent facilities and provides outstanding support for all students through personal tutorial systems, a student welfare office and counselling service. Read Less

Course & Program

Qualification Level: QCF L3 Grade 8 Trinity Certificate

Where will this course lead?
Phat Swan is a unique course set up to provide continued skills development for students who wish to take a gap year after Level 3 or A-Levels before auditioning for drama school or higher education. The course also provides students who were unsuccessful in obtaining a place at drama school an opportunity to stay focused before applying the following year. The course continues skills development and provides support for application and audition preparation.

What will I study?
Acting as an industry-model theatre company, Phat Swan looks at contemporary works and creating high quality performances - essential to give students a platform to apply for drama schools. Alongside practical work, the students will build a portfolio by looking at professional practice within industry, building a CV, taking on budgeting and scheduling responsibilities, getting professional headshots and undertaking self-promotion.

How will this course be delivered?
Following the Rep model, students will work as a cohesive company to develop and perform two pieces of contemporary work throughout the 35 weeks. They will perform in-house to local schools and colleges, and also take performances to an outside venue. This will incorporate workshop facilitation skills which are essential to working in a theatre company. Phat Swan will push the student, focusing on writers and performance styles not covered on Level 3 programmes. Using contemporary work keeps students up-to-date with industry knowledge, thus widening range and experience in preparation for future applications to drama schools. Audition preparation will also be a key focus.

Course Duration: 35 Weeks, Full Time

Course Fee: £ 3400.00 For Year

Qualification Level: UAL Level 4 Professional Diploma in Performance (Musical Theatre)

Where will this course lead?
Our goal is to develop your core skills in acting, singing and dance in preparation for auditioning for stage school. You will discover how to develop your technical skills and how to apply them in auditions for Musical Theatre programmes.

What will I study?
The course is tailored to meet the needs of students from age 18+ who have the capability to pursue degree-level training in musical theatre but need to develop skills in singing, dancing and acting before securing a place on a triple threat degree-level training programme. Entry is selective, based on the completion of a successful audition process.

Dance is an integral part of musical theatre. Weekly dance classes will cover the core disciplines of jazz, classical ballet and tap. You will develop your competency, understanding and confidence in all three dance styles.

You will have weekly technical singing sessions and take part in ensemble singing. Weekly singing sessions ensure that you can produce a well-placed, consistent sound throughout the vocal range without a noticeable break between registers. There are also project/workshop classes which allow you to combine singing skills with acting and dance, performing numbers from the Musical Theatre repertoire.

Acting workshops will build your performance skills. You will look at acting techniques to understand and develop the skills needed to create truthful and meaningful characters. Speech and voice technique embedded within sessions will teach you how to develop a well-supported and expressive voice.

How will this course be delivered?
The course is classed as a full-time programme and runs from September to June. Dance training includes jazz, tap and ballet. Singing involves technical and ensemble work while acting training features improvisation and text work as well as voice and speech classes. This comprehensive course also includes modules on audition technique, fitness/personal training, professional practice and tutorial. The course is 'front loaded' meaning that students on the programme are prepped and ready for the early round of stage school/university auditions in January/February.

Course Duration: 1 Year, Full-Time

Course Fee: £ 3400.00 For Year

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