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The Royal Academy of Music has been training students for nearly 200 years. During that time, they have produced hundreds and thousands of musicians who have succeeded at the highest levels. Whether you aspire to becoming the next Simon Rattle, Elton Read More John or Miloš, this special place is committed to helping students realise their talent and follow in the footsteps of their musical heroes. Read Less

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Qualification Level: Bachelor of Music - BMus

Our four-year Bachelor of Music (BMus) undergraduate degree programme attracts talented young musicians from across the world to study with today’s finest musicians and teachers.
The BMus combines focused study in performance, composition or jazz, with supporting academic studies. Every aspect is designed to help you towards realising your full musical potential, and to prepare you for your career in music. The Academy’s BMus students have many different interests, and their study programmes are similarly diverse. But all share a common core.
Principal Study
This is the focal point of your musical development.

Principal Study includes individual lessons on your instrument or in composition, and a combination of masterclasses, performance classes, chamber music, concerts and everything else that you do in your specialism.

The central component is to give you experience of performing in public concerts. We provide numerous performance opportunities, both within the Academy and throughout London.
Along with every other BMus student, you will have at least one hour of one-to-one tuition per week in your Principal Study. You may well also take a Related Study (e.g. piccolo for a flautist). It may be possible for you to take an additional Second Study (e.g. piano for an oboist) – you can apply to do this at the start of the academic year.
You will be assessed during the year by technical testing and chamber music, and at the end of the year by recital examination.
Academic Study
Academic study is essential to your creative, intellectual and professional development.

A range of core modules reinforces your awareness as a listener, develops your interpretive abilities and extends your knowledge and imagination.

A range of electives encourages you to pursue your individual interests as you prepare for a musical career. Jazz and Composition students take classes specifically aimed to enhance specialist knowledge.

Course Duration: Four Years

Qualification Level: MA (Masters) Degree

The Master of Arts in Performance (including orchestral or choral conducting) or Composition is the standard postgraduate programme for students who want to focus on performance or composition and build on their professional skills.
The MA is designed to allow maximum flexibility for you to concentrate upon the range of activities offered, to develop your own performance initiatives and to form a bridge to a performance career. The MA is normally a two-year programme, but in certain cases students can be allowed to take it in one year.

Course Duration: Two Years

Course Fee: £ 12450.00 Full course fee

Qualification Level: MA (Masters) Degree

The Master of Arts in Music Theatre is a one-year postgraduate programme of intensive full-time study.
Candidates will normally hold an undergraduate performance degree or diploma, but we also welcome applications from mature students and candidates who can demonstrate a high level of professional performance ability, or performers wishing to undertake an intensive course with the intention of re-focusing their careers.
Our teachers prepare you for the demands of the industry through rigorous conservatoire training, while also providing you with an understanding of the profession. We provide a direct link into the industry by combining daily class work and one-to-one tuition with numerous opportunities to perform for industry experts.

The Academy offers Principal Study in two areas of Musical Theatre:

MA (Master of Arts) in Performance (Musical Theatre)
MA (Master of Arts) or Professional Diploma (ProfDip) in Musical Direction and Coaching

MA in Performance (Musical Theatre) - Our programme functions as a theatre company, led and directed by experts in the industry of Musical Theatre. Our weekly schedule is packed with classes, with the working day typically running from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, sometimes including weekend work as well.

MA or ProfDip in Musical Direction and Coaching - This programme is structured according to your individual needs and experience, and operates in tandem with the Musical Theatre programme.

Course Duration: One Year

Course Fee: £ 16100.00 Full course fee

Qualification Level: Master of Music - Mmus

The Master of Music in Performance (including orchestral or choral conducting) or Composition is similar to the MA but with the addition of a Masters Project. The MMus is the standard postgraduate programme for composers. Your Project preparation is supported by a team of specialists and provides an opportunity for you to enhance your creative work through specialised academic study and practice-led research. The MMus is normally a two-year programme, but in certain cases students can be allowed to take it in one year.

Your final Masters Project can be a concert with commentary, a recording-based project, a dissertation or a mixture of these. We will encourage you to pursue project work that is directly useful to and representative of your creative development. A concert based around your own research, compositions or performance interests might include a very practical focus on the development and delivery of the event, or you might pursue more conceptual or contextual areas in a substantial written document.

Students wishing to prepare applications for doctoral study will normally choose the MMus rather than the MA, as the Masters Project helps prepare students for the independent work required at doctoral level. Nevertheless, a significant number of students have gone on to doctoral study from the MA or external equivalents.

Course Duration: Two Years

Course Fee: £ 13450.00 For Year

Qualification Level: Professional Diploma - FHEQ Level 7

The Professional Diploma is set at Level 7 of the UK Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)
The Professional Diploma is a one-year programme for students who wish to develop a specific area of specialism such as chamber
music, historical performance, compositional specialisms (e.g. specific media) or as preparation for opera studies.
The training consists of principal study lessons as the core element, plus any related departmental classes, and professional development activities agreed between the student,Head of Department and Tutor at the beginning of the year. These activities are drawn fromthe same pool as for the MA/MMus students, but are selected according to the aims of theindividual student. Activities range from performance classes and masterclasses, orconsultations with visiting professors, to ensemble and directed ensemble coaching, lectures and skills-based seminars. Students who have already studied on the MA or MMus at the Academy will follow a different
programme of Professional Development Activities from those taken during their previous study.
Entry Requirements - Successful applicants will display a high level of attainment at audition and will normally have
gained: A Masters-level qualification in an area closely-related to the proposed specialism by 1st September 2015; English Language skills equivalent to IELTS 6.0, or 7.0 for preparatory-opera (see

Course Duration: One Year

Course Fee: £ 11150.00 Full course fee

Qualification Level: Advanced Diploma FHEQ Level 8

The Advanced Diploma (FHEQ Level 8, also known as third cycle) exists to hone high-level artistry and to provide bespoke guidance in the development of a distinctive professional profile (particularly for those pursuing solo career paths). Entry to the AdvDip is highly competitive. The cohort is very small and applicants should have a well developed professional profile or have demonstrated exceptional achievement in previous study.

You will be supported by regular one-to-one tuition with those who can best help you to reach your professional goals. The openness of this structure will allow you to plan and execute a programme of study that is tailored to your individual artistic needs.

Normally applicants for the Advanced Diploma will hold a postgraduate degree in performance.

Course Duration: Nine Months

Course Fee: £ 11150.00 Full course fee

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