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At MEPA we take pride in our open and friendly approach to teaching by nurturing a “can do” attitude. We are determined to bring out the best in every student, by understanding that each individual has their own unique way of learning. Read More This enables us to acknowledge and support each students specific needs. Through the implementation of effective teaching methods we can create an environment of trust, confidence and achievement where each and every student can thrive. By receiving our bespoke and trailered training, we aim for our students to gain the skills and knowledge to uphold a long, healthy and successful career in the performing arts.


Supporting individual growth to nurture the development of every student

Encourage a positive mental attitude
Celebrate individuality
Thrive for exceptional work ethic
Create positive working relationships
Provide equal opportunities
Encourage versatility
Develop respectful and diverse artists Read Less

Course & Program

Qualification Level: Diploma Level 6

This programme is a three year intensive course designed to give students all round training that is vital in the performing arts industry. Establishing versatility will allow our students to create the pathway to a successful and diverse career in the performing arts industry. 
The Three Year Professional Musical Theatre and Performing Arts Programme is geared towards training the students to become triple threats. Students receive exceptional training by our industry leading professional educators to ensure elevated progression from every student.


All students will receive a diverse programme of dance training. Starting with the core subjects of Classical Ballet,  Jazz and Tap for the grounding foundations of dance. This will be complimented with extra disciplined such as Commercial, Contemporary, Broadway Jazz, Conditioning, Pas De Deux, Stretch and Core, Acrobatics, Point Work, Hop Hop, Choreography and Dance Audition Technique. 

Students will study a wide range of skills that can be used across the board in all practices of this programme. Training our students to be exceptional performers and connect to an audience is essential. Students will study skills and techniques from Influential Practitioners, Master the skill of Acting Through Song, Musical Theatre Acting, Tv and Film Acting, Theatre Acting, along with Voice and Accent Dialect Work and Acting Audition Technique 

Supplying an exceptional vocal training is deemed very important to the faculty here at MEPA College. Students will learn the skills and develop the confidence needed to be a successful vocalist in the industry. In order to achieve this, our expert faculty deliver Vocal Technique, Vocal Health, Connecting to Material, Repertoire Development, Mic Technique, Voice Anatomy and Vocal Audition Technique.  

Course Duration: 3 years full-time

Qualification Level: Diploma

The Three Year Professional Dance and Teacher Training Programme is designed for those wishing to focus solely on dance. It provides each student with the training needed to embark on a career in the professional industry of performing. Students will also obtain their IDTA teaching qualifications needed to uphold a professional teaching career. 


All students will be geared towards graduating as highly skilled professional dancers for the industry. Students will train intensively in the core subjects of Classical Ballet,  Jazz and Tap for the grounding foundations of dance. This programme works in-depth in many disciplined such as Commercial, Ballroom, Contemporary, Broadway Jazz, Conditioning, Pas De Deux, Stretch and Core, Acrobatics, Point Work, Hop Hop, Choreography, Dance Audition Technique, History of Dance, Injury Prevention and Dancers Pro Development. 

During the Three Year Professional Dance and Teacher Training Programme students are given the opportunity to take their IDTA Level 4 Diploma in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, TheatreCraft, Freestyle and Cheerleading.  This qualification provides a basis for learners to progress into dance teaching, either through running their own dance school or working as a teacher in a private dance school

The objective of the level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching is for learners to:
        - Gain a knowledge and understanding of safe dance practice
        - Demonstrate skills, knowledge and understanding of their chosen dance genre
        - Demonstrate teaching practice

Once you have gained your Level 4 Diploma you also achieve UCAS points meaning you will then have the option to do a top up in the future should you wish to.

Course Duration: 3 years full-time

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