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Here we aim to provide every performer with the knowledge, training and experience ready for a career in the performing arts industry.

We believe in the mantra, ‘Dance is Fun’ and with that offer a safe, fun learning environment where students Read More can grow as people and performers. I hope you enjoy looking through our online prospectus and look forward to welcoming you to the college as a MEPA College student. Read Less

Course & Program

Qualification Level: Diploma Level 6

The three year full time Musical Theatre, Dance & Performing Arts course is aimed at training students to become ‘triple threats’ (Dance, Singing & Acting). We feel this is vital in the current world of professional performance.

Students will study Dance, Singing, Acting and Voice during their three year training course. The teachers are performance industry specialists and will provide the highest level of training across all subjects. On completion of the three year course, graduating students will receive a Musical Theatre and Dance Performing Arts Diploma.

Students are regularly assessed, both formally and informally, to ensure they develop and maintain high personal standards.

Alongside the course subjects, students gain invaluable knowledge from the guest teachers that are brought in on a regular basis, so that our students are offered the broadest range of experiences possible.

Our course provides practical skills, knowledge and understanding of all aspects required within the performance industry. We are proud to have seen our students over the years graduate and be employed all over the world.

Course Duration: 3 years full-time

Qualification Level: Diploma

Course Outline
The Dance and Teacher Training Programme is a three year intensive course for those wishing to focus solely on dance. Providing each student with the training needed to embark on the professional industry of performing, as well as obtaining their qualified IDTA dance teaching qualifications.

The three year course will enable students to become versatile in every genre of dance enhancing their performance, technique and musicality qualities. Students will be involved in many performance opportunities throughout their training with us and occasionally some will be picked for professional work within their three years of training, which we feel is an invaluable experience.

Students will be given full guidance and support throughout their three years with us not only in dance but also on rehearsal etiquette, nutrition, anatomy, injury rehabilitation, image and much more whilst looking closely at the teacher training, which provides the knowledge and technique required to fulfill a successful career in the performing arts industry, not just as a dancer of various genres and styles but also a teacher.

Throughout the course, students are regularly assessed, both formally and informally, to ensure they are developing and maintaining high personal standards we feel this is essential for their development and a benefit of being a small college is it is easy to see when someone is falling behind.

The three year Dance and Teacher Training Course, provided by MEPA College is endorsed by the CDMT (Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre).

Course Duration: 3 years full-time

Qualification Level: Foundation

Let us prepare you for professional training.
Giving you a strong technique grounding for all aspects of Dance and Musical Theatre.
One Year Foundation Course

Helping students gain strength of technique and the necessary foundations to continue onto full time professional training in Musical Theatre and Dance.

Every performing arts student has dreams and aspirations and at the Mandy Ellen Performing Arts College, we strive to nurture those dreams and turn them into reality by offering all of our students the opportunity and training to fulfull their true potential.

We strive to bring to out the best in our students, by understanding each individual has their own way of learning. This enables us to acknowledge and support each students’ needs. Through the implementation of trust and achievement where each and every student can thrive.1

Course Duration: 1 year (Full-time)

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