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Performing Arts and Musical Theatre are Italia Conti’s internationally acclaimed programmes, providing practical training and instruction in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Our training directly addresses the competitive demands of todays Read More industry and prepares professionals with a broad, in-depth background. Students actively participate in a supportive, professional environment, taught by leading experts and artists currently working in todays theatre business.

Founded in 1911, Italia Conti is the world's most prestigious Performing Arts education program for Further Education and Secondary School level. Students attend an intense five day a week training program which vocational training, focused on the key disciplines, of Acting, Dance, Singing, Voice and the many facets of each, as well as the critical life skills necessary to prepare them to work in the professional world of entertainment. Emphasis is not only placed on the individual art forms but also on the collaborative process and the collective creation of Theatre Arts. Read Less

Course & Program

Qualification Level: BA (Hons) Degree

The programme you will embark upon is essentially a vocational course, whose principal aims are to provide a comprehensive actors training, and to equip graduates to work in the acting profession. It is also a degree programme offering successful graduates a Bachelor of Arts with Honours qualification. Full government funding is available through Student Finance England for Home and EU students.

Much of your work on this programme will be dedicated to vocal and physical training, to the exploration of a range of techniques for creating and developing character, and for working flexibly and responsively in the space. The modern actor is not just a puppet who regurgitates lines and moves for an audience, but a creative artist, using his/her inner resources to create truthful fictions and constantly seeking new ways to communicate both physically and vocally. Part of the programme will teach you to be original and individual in your work, to reinvent old techniques and develop new ones.

Italia Conti's BA (Hons) Acting Programme does not seek to mould actors to any one method or system for acting. Rather it tries to make available to its students the widest possible range of ideas and training methods, so that each student may begin to construct a personal ‘tool box’ of working, developing this throughout their life. The programme also aims to produce flexible performers who can work in as wide a range of styles and media as possible. Having said that, the programme does have underlying theories of training and performance, as well as clear philosophies about the roles of drama in society which permeates the teaching.

UCAS Course Reference: W410

Course Duration: 3 Years, Full-Time

Course Fee: £ 9250.00 For Year

Qualification Level: Higher Education

The one year Certificate of Education in Introduction to Acting, a foundation actor training, is aimed at those who wish to enhance their existing acting skills with a view to moving onto full time actor training at an accredited Drama School or on a practical University course. It will enable you to experience the rigours of vocational training and enable you to make informed choices about your future.

You will train in the professional and disciplined environment of a leading drama conservatoire and profit from the knowledge and experience of the staff working Italia Conti.

Individual sessions working on interview technique and monologue preparation will help to maximise your chance of success in future auditions. You will be encouraged to develop a self-reliance and independent working process on a programme that emphasises the importance of respect within the rehearsal room, generosity and a shared passion. Above all, Italia Conti aims to generate an atmosphere of security that will allow you be creatively fearless.

A series of organised theatre visits and excursions will develop your awareness and appreciation of current theatre practice. You will learn how to critically evaluate contemporary performance and to express your ideas with clarity and confidence, thereby improving your self-promotional skills.

UCAS Course Reference: W411

Course Duration: 1 Year, Full-Time

Course Fee: £ 9250.00 For Year

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