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The Institute for Contemporary Theatre (ICTheatre) is at the cutting edge of performing arts training.

At our colleges in Brighton and Manchester, we deliver unique contemporary courses at diploma and degree level for the creative artist. Whether Read More you want to be on stage or develop your entrepreneurial spirit, innovate and get your own productions off the ground, ICTheatre nurtures your individual artist’s determination, personal interests, aptitudes, skills and creative concerns. Above all, we value, you the individual, and we strive to nurture the excellent in all who train with us. Read Less

Course & Program

Qualification Level: BA (Hons) Degree

BA (Hons) Performing Arts consists of three pathways: Musical Theatre, Acting and Hip-Hop Artistry & Commercial Dance; each providing in-depth training shaped by current industry trends. Link to pathways

Technique, work ethic, confidence and self-awareness are areas of focus which will give you the tools required to succeed in meeting the demands of the business.

In the third year, you have the chance to select from specific options to meet the needs of the industry. Here you can diversify your training and hone in on areas you may have previously explored in less depth. This is a crucial element of training as you are given the opportunity to explore your identity as an emerging creative artist.

This course encourages independence, entrepreneurialism and innovation because these qualities will be required of any performer entering the contemporary performing arts industry. We don’t want you just to get work, we want you to make work.

All learning is underpinned by regular mental and physical resilience classes; another key element of your training.

You will need to be resilient on entering this notoriously hard profession. You should also be equipped with life skills, which you can apply within a variety of contexts far beyond your three years of training.

Course Duration: Three Years

Course Fee: £ 9250.00 For Year

Qualification Level: BA (Hons) Degree

*This course is subject to approval

This unique course will prepare future entrepreneurs to create, run, manage and finance a wide range of 21st-century productions.

Not only will you graduate knowing how to make tough decisions, but you’ll also know how to be innovative, informed, supportive, collaborative and creative – along with other key skills necessary for a portfolio career in the creative industries.

Students will learn how to create and manage diverse types of productions, such as theatrical, musical, TV or film production, or a blend of different disciplines. As well as the how-to, students will also explore the responsibilities and strategies needed to integrate into future diverse entertainment events.

There will also be a focus on digital marketing, digital content creation, PR, branding, social media, digital arts, and how to develop concepts, strategies and pitches. The course will be supported by more traditional skills like business ethics and entertainment law, market research and consultancy.

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Course Duration: Three Years

Course Fee: £ 9250.00 For Year

Qualification Level: Diploma Level 3

his highly practical two-year course is perfect for any training performer looking for solid foundational skills and technique to transition into higher education.

In our first graduating class alone, we saw 94% of our student cohort move on to study at higher education in accredited drama and musical theatre schools, universities and our own industry-led ICTheatre degree.

Throughout the course, you will have plenty of opportunities to follow your passion and develop your performance skills. You’ll also explore and improve on the techniques required for success in the creative industries. You’ll then direct your study focus into one of three pathways:

  • Musical Theatre – Triple Threat
  • Acting & Theatre Making
  • Dance Artistry & Performance

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Course Duration: Two years

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