Product Privacy Policy

Consider This UK Limited Product Privacy Policy

Consider This UK Limited’s Privacy Policy covers the privacy practices Consider This UK Limited employs when Consider This UK Limited customers (“Customers”) use any of our cloud-based product solutions (“Products”) or associated consultancy services. This Privacy Policy does not cover any information or data collected by Consider This UK Limited for other purposes, such as information collected from our own website for marketing purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy

The types of information collected and how it is processed

In the normal course of using the Consider This UK Limited Products, Customers will collect certain data on end-users of their websites into the Consider This UK Limited systems (“Collected Data”). Collected Data may include potentially personally-identifying information. Consider This UK Limited shall use and access Collected Data to render the Products and deliver any associated professional services, and to respond to support issues or the Customer’s instructions from time to time.

Consider This UK Limited processes Collected Data under the direction of its Customers, and has no direct control or ownership of the personal data it processes. Each Customer is responsible for ensuring that its use of the Products complies with applicable regulations or laws (including, in particular, in respect of the placing and use of cookies, upon which the Products rely, and the capturing of any consent to cookies required to be obtained from the relevant end user)

Data Retention

Consider This UK Limited retains Collected Data according to the timeframes set forth in the relevant agreement with its Customers.

Anonymisation and aggregation

When it comes to delivering our products and services, our mission is to improve websites and empower them to deliver better products to their customers. We do this by analysing a user’s entire journey on a website. To improve our product offering we anonymise user data collected on sites where our products and services are installed and use it – typically in an aggregated form – to determine trends relating to online user behaviour, publish reports and develop features designed to enable website operators to improve their sites.


We maintain tight controls over all the data we collect, retaining it in firewalled and secured databases with strictly limited and controlled access rights, to ensure it is secure. 

Right of access

An individual who wants to access, correct, amend, or delete any data held about them, should direct their query to the Consider This UK Limited Customer (the data controller). If the Customer requests Consider This UK Limited to remove the personal data to comply with data protection regulations, Consider This UK Limited will respond to their request within 30 business days or such shorter period as may be specified in the Customer agreement.

Consider This UK Limited will refer any request for disclosure of personal data by a law enforcement authority to the Customer. Consider This UK Limited may, where it concludes that it is legally obligated to do so, disclose personal data to law enforcement or other government authorities. Consider This UK Limited will notify Customer of such request unless prohibited by law.

 This product is not authorised for use by those under the age of 14 years.

Changes to this policy

Although most changes are likely to be minor, Consider This UK Limited may change its privacy and cookie policy from time to time (in Consider This UK Limited’s sole discretion). Any changes we may make to our privacy and cookie policy in the future will be posted on this page and, where it makes sense, notified to you by e-mail or in another appropriate manner.


Consider This UK Limited has appointed a Data Privacy Officer responsible for overseeing the implementation of the privacy program at Consider This UK Limited. If you have further questions related to this policy, please ask contact our customer support team or email Paul Taylor at