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Qualification: BA (Hons) Degree
Course Fee: 9250.00 For Year
Subject Areas: Ballet Contemporary Dance Classical


Our three-year undergraduate programme prepares you for a career in contemporary dance by giving you the opportunity to develop the technical, creative and performance skills needed to become an individual and versatile dance artist. The programme will also help you gain the contextual understanding and the critical, analytical and reflective skills which will inform your artistic practice.

Key Features:
Alongside daily classes in contemporary dance techniques and classical ballet, creative workshops will help you shape your artistic practice and develop your choreographic voice. You will have numerous opportunities to create your own choreography and perform in your own and others' dance works.
Reflecting on a range of creative processes and investigating movement and dance in its historical, social and cultural contexts will allow you to locate your own practice and to explore areas that interest you.
As you move through the programme, major performance projects enable you to work with leading dance practitioners (members of the Trinity Laban teaching faculty as well as visiting dance artists) to create and perform a wide range of dance works. The performance projects in the first and third years of the programme involve the creation of new dance works whilst second year students participate in the restaging of historically significant repertoire.
A substantial independent project is an important element in your third year and you can choose to undertake theoretical or practical research, leading to a written dissertation or the performance of a choreographed work.
A degree show at the end of the final year provides a public showcase for work by graduating students.


Qualification: Foundation Degree (2 year leading to 1 year top up to BA)
Course Fee: 9250.00 For Year
Subject Areas: Ballet Contemporary Dance Classical


Our Foundation programme offers you an intensive year of contemporary dance study to help you prepare for undergraduate study. Students who pass the foundation year will automatically progress to year 1 of the BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance Programme at Trinity Laban.

Key Features
develop your performance skills through a dedicated practice-based programme of study.
learn about current concerns, thinking, and methodologies relating to fitness, safe practice, health and wellbeing of the dancer.
develop strong technical, creative and choreographic skills, while gaining an understanding of the analytical frameworks that support this development.
learn about the diverse historical and socio-cultural contexts within which current contemporary dance work has been/is created and performed.
benefit from a learning environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, reflection, critical thinking, and collaborative approaches.
engage in new approaches to learning and creative practice.
develop a respect for the viewpoints of others, and confidence to communicate ideas and contribute to critical discussion and creative enquiry.


Qualification: Foundation Degree (2 year leading to 1 year top up to BA)
Course Fee: 9250.00 For Year
Subject Areas: Ballet Contemporary Dance Classical


This International Foundation programme provides an intensive year of dance study.

Key Features
On this programme you will develop your technical and creative skills by studying contemporary dance, classical ballet, body awareness, dance creation and contextual studies.
Projects led by professional artists in a range of genres and styles enable you to devise, rehearse and perform your work.
Students on the International Foundation Year will undertake intensive English language tuition, both in general English language and applying this in dance contexts, using dance-specific terminology. Your English language studies will include developing language skills to enable you to analyse and talk about dance and dance performance you have seen.
You will have an opportunity to show some of the work you have created during the year in an end of year performance platform.


Qualification: BA (Hons) Degree
Course Fee: 9271.00 For Year
Subject Areas: Dance biomechanics exercise physiology performance psychology fitness and wellbeing


Trinity Laban is an established pioneer in the rapidly expanding field of Dance Science, having offered the world’s first Masters degree in Dance Science in 2001. Building on this foundation, we now offer an exciting BSc programme commencing in September 2019.

The BSc in Dance Science will enable students to build upon their passion for dance by enhancing and improving their dance technique and creative skills whilst also developing a sophisticated level of knowledge and understanding of how the body works, how movement is learned and how to support themselves as dancers or others participating in dance.

Situated within the dynamic artistic community of a conservatoire, students will study areas such as biomechanics, exercise physiology, performance psychology, fitness and wellbeing. The course is taught by leading research-active academics and practitioners and will equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to be able to work in a range of roles within dance and within the health and fitness industries, or to progress to further study.


Qualification: MA (Masters) Degree
Course Fee: 11700.00 Full Fee
Subject Areas: Ballet Contemporary Dance Classical


These internationally famous flagship programmes enable you to become the best dancer you can be, and to develop the advanced skills you need to work in today's professional arts environment.

Transitions Dance Company was the world's first graduate dance company and it has since acquired an outstanding reputation for technical excellence and originality; it offers you a bridge to the professional world while you study for a highly respected Masters. For MA students, critical reflections and dissertation are embedded within the programmes so that you achieve your MA within 13 months. MFA students undertake an Extended Project within year 2 which requires you to be artistically ambitious through an innovative investigation in dance and/or interdisciplinary performance.

Why Choose the MA or MFA Dance Performance?
Join a professional dance company, touring nationally and internationally
Perform in three original new works created by distinctly different choreographers, giving you three very different creative processes
Reflect and contextualise your practice in the Masters
Benefit from the challenge, influence and networking of professional active dance artists as well as excellent teaching staff at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Substantial one-to-one tutorial time with Artistic Director David Waring