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BA (Hons) Professional Acting

Qualification: BA (Hons) Degree
Course Fee: 9250.00 For Year
Subject Areas: Classical Acting for Screen Film Voice Movement Acting Musical Theatre Acting Text Work Stage Combat Classical Text Alexander Technique Radio Workshops Showcase Audition Technique Television


Do you have the determination and drive to achieve your creative potential? This BA acting course is designed to challenge and guide you to become an exceptional, independent artist. It will equip you with the knowledge, insight and techniques you need to thrive.

At the end of the course, you’ll be ready to contribute intellectually and imaginatively to the creative skills industry. You’ll be able to demonstrate your refined talent and performance abilities across a full range of dramatic work at the highest levels of the profession.

We won’t teach you just one methodology of acting, instead you’ll learn a wide range of techniques and skills, designed to provide you with the flexibility and knowledge to develop your own process and expression of the craft. These include traditional and established techniques and more contemporary techniques which harness the exciting world of new media.

We know learning technical skills and gaining a deep understanding of stage craft is important, but we also make sure our training techniques are up to date with the evolving world in which we live.

You’ll be encouraged to take an independent and imaginative approach to the craft, as you build a full range of relevant movement, voice, musical and acting skills.

Although rooted in established and traditional expertise, the skills you’ll learn will draw on the latest developments in the industry, enhanced both by the teaching staff’s know-how and by the advancements in performance technology which we have to hand in our future-facing facilities.

The ensemble is at the heart of how we’ll train you. Drama is a collaborative art form and we place great emphasis on the individual’s responsibility to the group and the group’s responsibility to the individual. This creates an atmosphere of mutual respect where creativity can flourish.

You’ll gain confidence during our organic training, learning that an authentic and enthusiastic approach is the best preparation for a life in a profession which will throw up constant challenges. You’ll learn how to meet these challenges head-on from the new knowledge and skills you’ll develop in your training.

MFA Professional Acting

Qualification: MFA
Course Fee: 12360.00 For Year
Subject Areas: Classical Acting for Screen Film Voice Movement Acting Text Work Classical Text Performance Production Showcase Theatre in Education Touring Television


This MFA Professional Acting course is a two year postgraduate programme for those who already have a BA or BFA degree, or comparable professional experience, and want to take the next steps to develop their talents further and become a successful, entrepreneurial, creative artist.

In the two years you’ll be working only in small-group classes and will receive constant, personalised feedback and support to advance your skill-set and accelerate your career.

You’ll develop an informed, open, yet questioning, approach to the craft of acting. This will set you up with the skills and confidence to become an independently-minded practitioner with considerable professional versatility and creativity.

This masters degree in acting provides rigorous, world-class conservatoire training combined with industry-level postgraduate project work. The course is open to those from any background, but especially for those who want to shake up the ecosystem of the creative skills industry, and use their abilities to challenge the status quo and shape new landscapes for dramatic art.

MA Classical Acting for the Professional Theatre

Qualification: MA (Masters) Degree
Course Fee: 23200.00 Full Fee
Subject Areas: Classical Voice Movement Singing Theatre Acting Music Text Work Stage Combat Classical Text


Are you an international actor looking to deepen and develop your craft through an intensive exploration of classical plays?

Challenging and rewarding, this MA acting postgraduate course is for international students who wish to enhance and develop their craft through experiencing world-class British Conservatoire style training.

We have a long history of exemplary training for Classical Theatre. Prioritising ensemble work, this course builds upon this tradition and takes it further by exploring emerging new techniques and possibilities in contemporary theatre.

If you’re already working, you’ll be able to re-enter the industry after only a 12-month break, equipped with enhanced knowledge and a fuller skill set. We teach each student as an individual, which means that you’ll be able to build on your prior experience whilst encouraging your growth as a professional actor.

This course is only suitable if you have previous experience in the industry or a qualification in drama or acting.

LAMDA Foundation Diploma

Qualification: Foundation
Course Fee: 13397.00 Full Fee
Subject Areas: Voice Singing Acting Movement Improvisation Text Work Stage Combat Classical Text Devising Story, Script & Development


This exceptional drama foundation course in London is perfect if you have some experience in acting but would like to explore your potential and take your creativity to the next level.

It will give you a thorough grounding of all the core skills you’ll need to become a professional actor, or to pursue the many other careers in the creative skills industry, including writing, directing and designing.

This eight-month acting foundation course has a carefully designed curriculum and is one of the most exciting introductory courses in the UK.

During a busy and intensive timetable, you’ll discover and develop your talent as you take classes in: improvisation, movement, physical theatre, voice, singing, textual analysis and interpretation, historical dance, period studies, and stage combat.

You’ll practise your newly formed skills with closed workshop performances covering French comedy, Shakespeare, European naturalism and modern drama. You will be actively engaged in in a devised movement performance and an extended improvisation project.

The course culminates in the creation of an original piece of work, which you’ll conceive, create and write through a process of research, improvisation and rehearsal.

Semester Programme Classical Acting

Qualification: Diploma
Course Fee: 4625.00 Full Fee
Subject Areas: Classical Voice Movement Singing Dance Physical Theatre Text Work Classical Text Workshops


If you’re looking to develop your practical skills with advanced training, this 14-week accredited intensive diploma is for you.

Whether you’re a UK or international student, if you want to immerse yourself in classical texts and get specialist teaching from brilliant industry professionals, these are the courses for you.

They provide an intensive burst of British conservatoire training and take place each autumn and spring, and are carefully designed to deepen your engagement with classical texts and develop your repertoire of practical skills so you can achieve your potential as an actor.

Whether you choose Autumn or Spring, you’ll learn the essential core techniques through classes in acting, voice, movement, physical theatre, singing and historical dance.

The Autumn Semester course is structured around scene study workshops on Jacobean tragedy and Shakespeare’s late plays and comedies, whereas the Spring semester is based around scenes from Shakespeare’s histories and tragedies, and from English Comedies of Manners.

As part of your training, you’ll go to West End productions, Shakespeare’s Globe, and travel to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the work of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Although you’ll be part of the LAMDA family for a short time, you will have the opportunities to fully immerse yourself in our bustling community. You’ll be welcomed to all LAMDA students’ union social events, get to explore London with new friends, and be invited to be part of our diverse and talented alumni group.