11 ways to be a happier actor

By Imogen Barber - 24/05/2020

11 ways to be a happier actor

Being an actor will have its highs and lows and there will be times when you feel like giving up after being rejected a few times or constantly watching other’s post about their acting successes. Remember that everyone is on their own journey with different goals so don’t worry about what others are doing. We’ve made a list of 11 simple things you can do to help you to become a happier actor (and person!) 

  1. Plan for after auditions: Plan a day around your auditions rather than having them as the focal point so you will be more relaxed and comfortable. This also means you can’t dwell on the audition afterwards as you’ll be busy doing something else.
  2. Don’t tell people about your auditions: If people know you’re auditioning, you’re putting pressure on yourself to live up to expectations and get the role. People will also ask you how it went, which is not helpful if the audition was unsuccessful. 
  3. Have a hobby: Make sure you’ve got something that you enjoy besides acting to take your mind off of it and do something fun. You shouldn’t let your whole life revolve around acting! 
  4. Avoid comparison: Every actor is unique and offers something different so avoid comparing yourself to others who seem to be doing better than you. Focus on yourself and your end goals and avoid social media as this only portrays the good side to things, not the bad!
  5. Take care of your body: Exercise regularly to get your body moving and release endorphins that make you happier (and this will prepare you for physical activity on stage). Self-care is important so remember to sleep and eat well as you are your instrument so you must take care of yourself. A healthy diet will help you to have a healthy mind. 
  6. Get a day job: Securing an acting job can be tricky so while you’re auditioning, find another passion and get a job that provides you with a steady income. You will be able to learn more about the world and how people behave, and this skill can be transferred to your acting. 
  7. Appreciate what you have: Constantly remind yourself of the things you’re grateful for and avoid thinking negatively as it will bring your mood down. 
  8. Try something new: Challenge yourself and expand your skillset (could come in useful for audition requirements one day!) and find something new that you enjoy. 
  9. Stay inspired: Go to the cinema/theatre and watch others acting to get your creativity flowing and learn more about the art. You may be able to pick up some acting tips or ideas too! 
  10. Stop dwelling on rejections: It can be tricky when you don’t get the role you’ve worked hard for but don’t dwell on it and instead, turn it into positives. Shift the focus onto what went well and what mistakes you made that you can learn from. 
  11. Surround yourself with the right people: Stay around people who are positive, supportive and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. We’re largely influenced by those around us so make time for family and trusted friends.  

If you are really struggling or have difficulty with you mental health talk to a friend, family member, teacher or even a charity anonymously. 


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