Why use our system

For the first time ever, all performing arts schools and colleges can list all their information on one site for all their courses, events, auditions, open days and shows.

Applying for performing arts courses can be very time consuming, and very expensive. Perform This allows applicants to fill in one application form that can be sent to all schools who use our ground-breaking Audition Management System.

Perform This encourages schools to set up Multi -School auditions across the country, allow applicants to see more than one school at the same audition, for one fee. This will dramatically reduce audition fees and save time and money for applicants travelling all over the country with hefty travel and hotel costs.

Perform This will be inviting selected schools to join them on Multi-School audition days that they will also host to ensure those who would potentially struggle to audition for schools they want to attend get the chance they deserve.

We also have a blog where industry professionals will share their knowledge and experience to help students choose what they want to do and where they want to go.

For schools, our system manages their entire audition process. Setting up audition days, taking applications, registering applicants and marking them effectively at the audition, managing all audition outcomes and reserving places for those who are successful.